Leads So Hot You'll Have to Break Up Office Fights in Your Sales Team!

We Fill Your Sales Teams Pipeline With Highly Qualified, Exclusive,
Real-Time Leads That Convert To Closed Deals.

Pay Per Lead - No Contracts. No Setup Fees. No Monthly Fees - Guaranteed Results!

Sales managers love us because we understand the importance of having a consistent flow of qualified leads for their sales teams.

Why buy our leads?

Pay Per Lead

Efficiently plan and scale for growth without the traditional risks of lead gen.

No Fixed Contracts

No contracts, No setup fees, No monthly management fees, No min time (week-week basis)

Exclusive Leads

Leads are yours only and never resold for your peace of mind.

CRM Ready

Fill your sales pipelines with leads manage your contacts easier.

Delivered In Real Time

Leads are integrated for 24/7 real-time delivery into your CRM, sent straight to your sales team.

Automatically Filtered

Our systems automatically re-route leads you can't service away from you.

Lead Validation

All leads are taken through a qualification quiz funnel, verified as real contacts, and ready for a call.


We achieve results quickly
(5-7 days). Plug & play our leads instantly into any sales process.

High Volume Scale

We can generate 50 - 1,000 leads per week to help your sales team scale and grow.

How It Works


We promote your services on Facebook, Google & Native Advertising Networks with engaging ads.


Lead engages and takes a quiz we have created based on your criteria.


We filter out the bad and unqualified leads and qualify the good leads.


We send you the real-time, exclusive, and qualified leads and contact information, so you can make the sale!