Personalised Thank You Pages with Buyer Data (Leadshook & Leadbyte)

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    Highlevel Overview

    • API Post to leadbyte
    • API get from leadbyte into leadshook store buyers name, phone
    • Redirect to thank you page with custom fields being passed through in url parameters

    Lets break it down

    Create Rest API inside of leadbyte

    Save your API key, we’ll need this later

    Set up buyer fields

    Set up buyer fields to append inside of rest api (I include buyer id, name, reference and phone number.)

    Set up API node

    Set up API node inside of leadshook

    This is an example of a json payload

    "key": "INSERT",
    "lead": {
    "campid": "INSERT",
    "sid": "{sid}",
    "email": "{email}",
    "firstname": "{firstname}",
    "lastname": "{lastname}",
    "postcode": "{postcode}",
    "phone1": "{phone}",
    "ipaddress": "{ipaddress}",
    "decision_maker": "{answer}",
    "current_provider": "{answer}",
    "current_cost": "{answer}"

    Test the request

    Test the request, then use fieldmapping tool to store the response for queueId inside of leadshook. Copy the queuId response you get we’ll need this for the next part.

    Add 2nd API node

    Add 2nd API node with method GET to pull info from leadbyte back into leadshook.{queueID}?key=YOURAPIKEY

    Test GET API node

    Test this node with the queue id we saved earlier. Then map the responses you get back with fieldmapper like so.

    Add Decision Node Loop

    Add Decision node after get node to loop response from leadbyte until it gets a positions success. It should look something like the following. With no conditions linking back to the get api and success allowing it to continue to the next decision node.

    Set up Thank You Page Redirect

    Now that you have this information saved you can use it to either redirect to a custom thank you page or append to your redirect url to use on a dynamic thank you page from the results page.{first_name}&lender={buyersname}&phone={buyers_phone}


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