How to use real time data validation to produce higher quality leads

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    Would you rather pay less per lead for a higher quantity of low converting leads or pay more for a lower quantity of much higher converting leads?

    For most companies that have been in business for some time the overwhelming response would be a preference for the latter.

    Simply put higher quantities of unqualified leads sap up time that could be used for more productively if simply investing in leads that are better qualified thereby allowing your sales people to only talk to those most likely to buy.

    It’s impossible to ensure a great lead every time someone fills out a landing page. However, with the use of validation tools, you can at least minimise the risk of fake numbers and email addresses.

    What is real-time data validation?

    Data validation is when you verify or correct the information from a lead in order to enhance your data.

    In many sales organisations, this process is done using a combination of manual work, and third party data to ensure information is up-to-date and accurate.

    This can include:

    • Address Validation
    • Phone Number Validation
    • SMS Pin Validation
    • Email Address Validation

    Why is real-time data validation important?

    • Improves contact rate

    How to implement address lookup and validation

    This can be done using tools like Google Places API, Postcoder (UK)

    How to implement phone number validation

    Tools like Unbounce can help make sure the right number of digits are put in for phone number.

    This can be done using tools like twilio phone verification,Datasoap

    How to implement SMS Pin Validation

    Twilio SMS Phone Verification,

    How to implement email address validation

    Debounce, Datasoap,


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